Oven Cleaning Services

If you find theoven cleaning cleaning of the oven to be one of the most unpleasant tasks which you have to perform in your home, perhaps our professional cleaning company can make you reconsider.

We can demonstrate you the power of the best solution to the greasy spots and remaining parts of food – the specialized oven cleaning.

In our agency we’ve managed to discover a new way for handling the usual problems that appear when sanitizing the oven. You can find out more about them, as well as about our techniques and working methods, by reserving the beneficial oven cleaning procedures of our agency.

Kitchen Cleaning

  • Single Oven Cleaningfrom£60
  • Double Oven Cleaningfrom£79
  • Extractor Cleaningfrom£20
  • Cooker Hob Cleaningfrom£23
  • Fridge Cleaningfrom£60
  • Single Оven+Cooker Hob+Fan Extractor Cleaningfrom£99
  • Double Оven+Cooker Hob+Fan Extractor Cleaningfrom£119

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    My oven never looked so clean, apart from the time it was brand new. Your cleaners really did a great job there!

    I am really pleased with your oven cleaning services. Our family will probably become one of your regular customers. Thank you!


    We have established ourselves a long time ago as real specialists in all kinds of sanitizing treatments for residential and commercial properties. Contacting us for the disinfection of all the parts of your oven will certainly guarantee that the life of your appliance will be prolonged.

    discountHouse Cleaners London have everything that such task might require, from first-class detergents which don’t have any chemicals in their structure, to incredibly effective tools which will make the layers of dirt disappears.

    As a contemporary leader in the oven cleaning, we have also collected the best crew of experts in that matter who are trained to remove the dirt and stains from your kitchen appliance and restore its shining look.

    The model of your oven, as well as its condition are not important for our specialists because they have the abilities to take and finish successfully all kinds of tasks. Check our cheap prices.

    They will take care of your appliance by:

    • inspecting its condition, so that they know which cleaning supplies will be most effective in your case;
    • performing a scrubbing and polishing of the surface of the oven and of all of its other parts;
    • disinfecting carefully the internal as well as the external areas of the appliance, in order to be certain that all the microbes are gone;
    • deodorising with pleasant aromas which will make your oven and your whole kitchen smell nicer

    The experience we have in the professional cleaning business made us a reliable company which knows how to handle every problem that is linked to the sanitation. The offer for oven cleaning which we will make you will save you money and will bring you security. Requiring the specialized help of our experts is incredibly easy. All you have to do is contact our call centres and reserve an oven cleaning procedure for your real estate property.