Domestic Cleaning Services

27Domestic cleaning services are a much preferred choice among people with limited amount of time and repulsion to mundane tasks that take hours to complete. There of course is nothing wrong with hoping to spend your time in more enjoyable ways than diligently scrubbing at the kitchen stoves, washing dishes or ironing creased clothes. Today, solutions abound and everyone can afford a cheap domestic cleaning service so that their home shines.

Our company has earned its reputation for high quality and excellent standards through hard work. Every one of our specialists live up to our and the customer’s expectations. This, of course is not taken for granted. The employees’ expertise is the result of extensive training period. As a result, they are all fully-vetted and certified specialists.

My flat is always sparkling clean thanks to House Cleaners London.

At first I was sceptic but now I am their regular client.


There is no doubt that even the most basic household chores require a lot of time to be dealt with adequately. Time that you can otherwise spend in a more pleasant manner – be it in the company of people who you hold dear, friends or just on your own, enjoying some quiet or a hobby perhaps. Nevertheless House Cleaners London strive to deliver a service of unmatched quality that is tailored to your budget and home peculiarities.

  • Your domestic aide, as previously mentioned is an expert that can solve most of the problems related to your home’s cleanliness.
    Vacuuming of carpet and soft furniture
  • Kitchen cleaning – dusting of cupboards, washing of appliances, de-liming and de-scaling of tiles, polishing of furniture, cleaning of skirting boards, windows and window sills
  • Staircase and hallway vacuuming and polishing of hard floors
  • Living room – vacuuming of soft furniture and carpets, polishing of surfaces, wiping dust, stain removing from upholstered furniture, cleaning of curtains and mopping or vacuuming of the floor depending on flooring
  • Taking care of all well-known household chores – doing the laundry, ironing and doing the dishes
  • Sanitizing of bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and de-liming and de-scaling tiles
  • Bedroom – washing mattresses, sweeping under beds and looking in behind heavy furniture so that no trace of dust is left

Domestic Cleaning Services

  • Regular Cleaningfrom£19/h
  • One Off Cleaningfrom£20/h
  • Weekly Cleaningfrom£20/h
  • Monthly Cleaningfrom£20/h

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    discountHowever, your personal cleaning assistant may be faced with insurmountable problems that necessitate calling in more help. Possible services that you may need to book separately are oven cleaning and upholstered furniture cleaning. This doesn’t point to inaptitude on the behalf of your domestic aide. It‘s a telltale sign that your cleaning assistant understands well the nature of the problem and knows what steps have to be taken towards its successful resolution. Book our cheap cleaning services now!