House Cleaners London

A growing number of people are turning to the services of a cleaning company in tackling their cleaning crisis. We are proud to be among the pioneers in domestic cleaning for the city and the region. Our story goes a long way back and it begins with the foundation of our company as an upstart on a limited budget. Today, we’ve grown to be a top name in the business of cleaning and a first-choice for all those who seek cleaning services. We cater for thousands of clients coming from every stripe of society.

I use their services on regular basis. Always outstanding performance!

Excellent results on a budget price!


What a domestic cleaning service is everything that will guarantee the spotless and ever shinier air of your home. By offering a consistent and thorough service, what we deliver is high quality and withstands close scrutiny. Our service is designed to rid you from all grime, dust and other undesired cohabitants of your home in a prompt and efficient manner with utmost care for your comfort.

We are represented by our employees who in turn are extensively trained individuals and qualified workers in the cleaning industry. They make it possible for you home to transform into a tidy place to live and enjoy yourself. Our to-do list is thorough.

We start small by taking care of the dishes, laundry and kitchen appliances first. Once the trifles are dealt with we move on to scrubbing your bathroom and sanitizing your bathtub and sink. Soft furniture and hard floors are treated accordingly and with due diligence with maximum care for preserving the quality of both furniture and flooring.

We use top-of-the-range cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, powerful stain removers and more basic tools. To help expedite the process, we add eco-friendly detergents. As part of our ongoing policy we strive to meet the established health standards what is a telltale mark for the fact we don’t take the subject of our customers’ health lightly.


Hourly Based Services
Deep Cleaning from £20/h
One Off Cleaning from £20/h
Domestic Cleaning from £19/h

Our prices are competitive and we offer affordable services and great discounts if you choose to include more than domestic cleaning. Other popular services that combine well are window cleaning – to ensure that your windows will glimmer and window sills will be clean. Combined booking is something we encourage, because it’s always economical and of use to the customer.

For further details, please call our friendly customer service who will guide you through the rest.